Monday, January 23, 2012

Female Hormones turmoil by Age

Hormones have a tremendous effect on the libido. Scintillating sex life is something we all want to have, regardless of age. When intercourse is less satisfying, will affect the physical and mental health.

The relationship between libido and female hormones are always fluctuating. So it's important to figure out how to control the hormonal balance.

How to balance female hormones at different ages?

Here's how to balance the female hormones on the basis of age, as quoted from MSNHealth, Monday (1/23/2012), among others:

1. Age over 20 years

"At the age above 20 years, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are at the highest level. So in this age range is ideal for planning a baby," says Laura Berman, PhD.

Women who are in this age range is usually less know well about their sexual needs. Although women at this age are less familiar with sexual needs, but has a high sex drive.

When it is difficult to control sexual urges, then it can conduct activities that may distract. Activity is one of them is exercise.

2. Age over 30 years

"A woman in their 30s may be at the peak of sexual emotional. Women in this age range clearly knowing their sexual needs, even though estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone began to fluctuate. The key, is still thinking as a woman, sexy attractive, regardless of fluctuations in hormone , "said Dr.. Berman.

After giving birth, testosterone levels will go down very low, and in nursing mothers, the hormone prolactin can suppress ovulation, as well as the production of estrogen and progesterone. Regardless of age, masturbation using certain equipment, in turn, will improve circulation and help balance hormones.

3. Age over 40 years

Women in the age range over 40 years, usually already on the decline of sex hormones. Some experts argue that women's sex drive can actually increase sexual hormones.

Women with decreased fertility if thinking more about sex, or having sexual fantasies more frequent and intense, and sexually active will have a sexual hormone levels are higher.

4. Age above 50 years

"The years of the middle, between 50-65 years is the peak of adult life. National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior found that 71 percent of the 50 people surveyed said the recent experience of sexual orgasm they generate.

Because testosterone and estrogen has decreased drastically, then decreased sex drive after menopause. Nevertheless, it can be done many efforts to help get a satisfying sexual relationship.

Doctors often prescribe very small doses of testosterone along with menopausal hormonal therapy, or MHT. Many women try MHT, which is also referred to as hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The procedure involves taking estrogen and progestin to relieve vaginal dryness and hot flashes and decrease bone loss.

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