Thursday, May 24, 2012

Calcium is important for bones, but do not too much

To strengthen bones, the consumption of foods and supplements that contain calcium is very important. But in fact one study found that calcium supplements may increase the risk of heart attack.

Research of the Swiss scientist who published in the British journal Heart that 24,000 people watched participants in terms of nutrition and cancer study in Europe for over 11 years. The result, though no increase in the number of cases of heart disease in the overall population, but there are some participants who were taking calcium supplements in large quantities and the researchers found an increase in cases of heart attacks in the group of participants.

Previously, many studies that raise concerns related to excessive consumption of calcium supplements may lead to heart disease because heart disease can be caused by a buildup of calcium in the arteries. However, a number of studies related to this issue led to different conclusions.

It's just that all these studies agree and have no doubt that calcium is actually consumed in the right amount is good for bone health, but if there's too much, of course given the risk of heart disease, kidney stones and other health problems.

"Many people think the more the better, but in this case more is not better," commented Dr. Ether Siris of New York-Presbyterian Columbia as reported by MSNBC, Thursday (24/05/2012).

Getting the right amount of calcium intake is a challenge for everyone. All this has been recommended that adults consume 1000 mg of calcium per day and women over 50 years need to consume 1200 mg per day. But no one ever claimed that adults over 50 years of age should consume more than 2000 mg per day.

In reality, it's easy to consume excessive calcium because 22 percent of the adult population in the United States himself admitted regularly taking calcium supplements.

In addition to supplements, foods that contain calcium such as milk, cheese and yogurt can also be an alternative. The amount of calcium three types of food itself is more than 300 mg. Even some types of cereals contain up to 1000 mg of calcium per serving.

Even so for bone health, people do need calcium, including in the form of supplements, it's just advised not to consume excessive amounts

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